Merry Christmas from

Before Pandora, before iTunes, there was - one of the earliest streaming services on the internet - a hobby project of streaming original music from an ISDN connection (A whopping 118 kbps of bandwidth) for a few friends became a holiday tradition and has grown to a global stream of listeners.  Refinements over the year, better servers and now recent work in video streaming in conjunction with the visual artists at means for the first time - you can listen to xCDx on Yotube.  So give it a whirl!      Like and subscribe and ring the bell and all that stuff the kids do these days!



We proudly present only the finest in alternative, funky, punky, and just gosh darned wierd Christmas and holiday tunes to serve as the soundtrack to your annual ritual of consumerism, intoxication and schmaltz, straight from Christmas Island! Ho ho phuckin ho and a very merry whatever *YOU* believe in!


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CLICK TO WATCH! YouTube streaming xCDX Holiday tunes with Visual Art from StudioNSFW